Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Locrian "Territories" on iTunes

"Territories" is now on iTunes. iTunes does have a high quality download of the album so it should sound better than the mp3 of the album that are floating around out there.

If you like this album, then please get the vinyl. The vinyl version is the way that we'd like this album to be experienced. The download does not do justice to the phenomenal job that Chicago Mastering did on cutting the vinyl. The vinyl for this record has a really dynamic cut and we're really happy with their work on this release.

Basses Frequences and At War With False Noise still have copies of the LP.

We'll be playing new material from an album that we recorded this winter, The Crystal World, at our show on Thursday at the Empty Bottle with Cold Cave and Hair Police. Show starts at 10:00pm and as far as we know, there are still tickets.