Monday, September 27, 2010

Neil Jendon Reviewed by The Quietus

Thanks to Toby at the Quietus for reviewing Neil's tape. We still have a few copies of this one left. Info here.


Neil Jendon Male Fantasies (Land Of Decay)

Bleak, endless, musical inertia; the sort of thing Earth would've recorded had Dylan Carlson spent the early nineties smoking dope, rather than wading through mountains of skag. Half long, droning synth passages, half gaping yawns of mutated noise and tape loops that coat your brains ependymal lining and induces a sort of waking coma that will seem to last far longer than the 40 odd minutes of the album. A cleansing, almost purging... Ah fuck it, look, it's drone, OK? Good drone. Unless you're 'clinically fed-up', in which case you might want to avoid this and get a Billy Joel album or something instead. Oh, and for some reason it's only been released on cassette tape; which, as kvlt as it is, is slightly annoying, because tapes are shit.

Link here.