Thursday, January 6, 2011

Land of Decay O12: Sun Splitter "II" Available for Order Now

Please feel free to order this release now. We'll begin shipping orders tomorrow.

Artist: Sun Splitter
Title: II
Format: Cassette
Catalog Number: LOD 012
Edition Size: 100 Copies
Release Date: Friday, January 7, 2011

Ordering Information:
Price: $7 USA/$10 Rest of World @ postage paid
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Land of Decay is pleased to announce our newest release, “II” from Sun Splitter. Locrian has had the pleasure of seeing and playing with this amazing project plenty of times and we’ve been amazed by this group every time. The band originally released this album as a CDr that is long out-of-print. We’re happy to have this release available as an edition of 100 copies

The tape consists of four tracks, thirty seven minutes, and RIFFS, RIFFS, RIFFS!!! Riffs that slowly build up and build up until they morph into mysterious doom-laden melodies. We can’t say enough about the intricate guitar playing on this release. The mysterious guitar melodies are complimented by vocals that are at times gnarled, chanted, and abstract. At the same time, there are electronic samples interspersed throughout the tracks that add subtle textures and filigree. Weird percussion that brings to mind Joe Preston’s drumming on Earth’s early releases accents the big riffs, making them even bigger. Dark, black, bleak, and totally engrossing.

This is forward thinking industrial metal that would appeal to fans of Godflesh, and Dead World. Sun Splitter are definitely one of the most underrated bands in Chicago and one that you’re sure to hear more about in the coming years. The cassette features original artwork from Terence Hannum. All tapes were professionally duplicated on chrome, hi-bias, tape.


Track Listing:

A1: Cairn Of Old Eyes
A2: Northern Blood Tithe
B1: Earth Burner
B2: Carrion Eater

Hear a track from the release below:

Earth Burner by Sun Splitter by Landofdecay