Sunday, February 6, 2011

Land of Decay 014: Velnias "Untitled" Available Now

New tape available now.

AJS played drums on Locrian "Territories."

We are offering a special on this release. Copies of the tape and a cd of "Territories" is

$15us ppd and $20 world ppd.

We also have tape specials. Information on those specials is available on our catalog page. These tapes will sell fast!!!
Seriously, you don't want to miss out.

Artist: Velnias
Title: Untitled
Format: Cassette
Catalog Number: LOD 014
Artwork: Terence Hannum
Edition Size: 100 Copies
Release Date: Monday, February 7, 2011

Ordering Information:
Price: $7 USA/$11 Rest of World @ postage paid
Please send payment to:

Land of Decay is pleased to announce our newest release, a limited edition cassette from Velnias.
The band originally released this album as a tour edition CDr last summer, but sold out of the release quickly.  We’re happy to have this release available as an edition of 100.

The tape consists of one extended track that lasts over twenty-two minutes.  This is the first Velnias release since their 2008 album “Sovereign Nocturnal.” “Sovereign Nocturnal” was written and recorded when the group resided in Chicago, IL.  Since then, they have been hibernating in the mountains of Colorado when they haven’t been touring around the United States.  The track on this release is a mesmerizing piece.  We’d rather that you hear it for yourself rather than attempt to describe it.

The design and artwork for the release was done by Locrian’s Terence Hannum .  The cover for the release is a piece called “"Altar VII.”  For those of you around Chicago, you can view Terence’s most recent exhibition “Negative Litanies” until February 19th at Western Exhibitions. 

Track Listing: