Friday, March 11, 2011

LOD 15: Gog: Noriah Mills/Past the Deepest Gate/The Fruition of the Occult (Re-issue)

RELEASE DATE: Friday, March 18, 2011
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Artist: Gog
Title: Noriah Mills/Past the Deepest Gate/The Fruition of the Occult
Artwork/design: Terence Hannum
Format: 2xCassette
Catalog Number: LOD 015
Edition Size: 100 Copies

Price: $10 see our shop for shipping rates.

Track Titles:
Side A: Past the Deepest Gate
A1: Invaders Have a Search Beam
A2: The View From Under a Rock
A3: Past the Deepest Gate
A4: The Biggest Thing Ever
Side B: Unreleased
B1: Untitled

Side A: Noriah Mills
A1: Hovering Lake
A2: Noriah Mills
Side B: Fruition of the Occult
B1: Fruition of the Occult
B2: Canopy of Skins


We are once again very excited to reissue some long out-of-print material from another project that we respect and highly regard. This double cassette consists of over one hundreds minutes of droned-out doomy black ambient psych riffage and rumbling. Many listeners (including us) became familiar with this Arizona project led by Michael Bjella through his two most recent releases which were released on Utech Records--MFTRM (Mist From The Random More) and Heavy Fierce Brightness. Unfortunately many of us missed out on the project's earliest releases which were released in ultra-limited quantities by the Sounds of Battle and Souvenir Collecting label. We are really happy to re-release (for a short time) these early releases on high bias chrome tape and as part of one definitive statement.

This release also consists of bonus material from the same time period that wasn't included on any of the original releases. The music on this release is ultimately dynamic, ranging from moments that remind us of the synth black dreamscapes of Envenomist, to other heavier, sludgier, overdriven bleak moments, sometimes propelled forward by primordial drumming. We’ve created some samples of the music for you to hear for yourself. We highly recommend that you pick this release up while you have the chance.