Monday, August 8, 2011

The Quietus on Locrian/Horseback 7"

Link here.

"We at the Quietus (well, me, as far as I know) love a bit of Locrian – mostly due to the fact that the Chicago drone outfit have produced some stunning slabs of disorientating, glitch filled noise, meant to ruin your speaker cones and your relationship with your neighbours due to it causing their cat to turn itself inside out. Here, with only one side of a 7" to fill, the creeping grandeur of The Crystal World is replaced by the sort of noises that Sunn O))) banished to the bottom of the Mariana trench lest anybody be foolish enough to attempt to plunder them. Over on the other side, North Carolina's Horseback have deposited the musical equivalent of that brief second of panic when you're caught in a wave and you think you're going to drown and a bit of piss comes out. Except it goes on for five odd minutes and is accompanied by what sounds like Alan Dubin straining for a shit in your ears. Not for everyone then. See you at Bloodstock, ya bastards!"