Saturday, September 3, 2011

LAND OF DECAY REALTED: Purification (Zine)

For 2011 LOCRIAN member TERENCE HANNUM will be making a publication every other month. January's NEGATIVE LITANIES was the compendium documenting the monthly 2010 series and exhibition. March's ABLATION. was a clandestine dissection of some video footage featuring BLOODYMINDED. For May HANNUM joined forces with frequent collaborator SCOTT TRELEAVEN and made DEATH POSTURE. For July he collaborated with ALEXANDER BINDER and they made DARK MATTER/DUNKLE MATERIE and for September he has created PURIFICATION.

PURIFICATION is an inversion, a reversal of corruptions, a necessary portion to complete the profane and a process toward attaining another state. This publication, which is the least dark of Terence Hannum's publications, is not only on white paper but it exploits this ground and comes tucked inside of a white envelope that is embellished with a laser etched white acrylic plate. PURIFICATION takes, as its base, a set of drawings that are then inverted and edited alongside more graphical elements such as a variable pentagonal grid shattered like a monochromatic stained glass window, the disembodied fragment of a drawings' edge acting as a frame echoing towards the light. No text, just image.

Edition of 100
36 Pages | 8.5" × 11"
B&W Color Copies
Comes inside a white 9" × 12" envelope with a 2.75" x 5.25" laser etched white acrylic plate adhered to the cover

$30 (US) / $35 (World)
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