Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Locrian & Mamiffer "Bless Those That Curse You" Update

Aaron Turner posted an update about our upcoming Locrian/Mamiffer collaborative album "Bless Those That Curse You" here.

We are mastering the album today with Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service. A few minutes ago, Jason finished the audio mastering for the first track and it sounds immense!

This album will be out in March 2012 on CD, 2xLP, & tape! The labels working on these include: Profound Lore, Daymare, Sige, Utech, and Land of Decay.

Here are the track titles:

1. Bless Them That Curse You
2. In Fulminic Blaze
3. Corpus Luteum
4. Second Burial
5. Lechatelierite
6. Metis/Amaranthine/The Emperor