Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OMG Vinyl on New LOD Releases

Link here.

"Land of Decay has got 4 new tapes up for sale in their webstore, along with two Locrian-related tapes that you definitely need to pay some mind. Newly minted on the LOD imprint are Ithi, Number None, The Fortieth Day/Terence Hannum/Sshe Sshe Retina Stimulants and Wraiths. The release of this batch pushes the catalog numbers firmly into the 20s, and the overall din and aesthetic feels much like a label hitting their stride. I won’t go into great detail about each release, they deserve exploration, but if you care to dig deeper, Hammer Smashed Sound did a pretty fantastic writeup of these last week, and you can stream a song from each tape below. Also up in the LOD distro are new tapes from Eolomea and Kwaidan, both featuring Andre Foisy from Locrian; and both equally worthy of your attention. So peck around a little, find something you like, but if we had one suggestion for you: it would be to just go ahead and buy all six of these tapes at"