Thursday, May 17, 2012

Scott McKeating Interviews Number None at

Here's what CN has to say: "Land of Decay is a tape label that you can trust to release shit that will numb your brain! Their most recent tape by Number None entitled Strategies Against Agriculture is a testament to how this label is in a universe of it’s own. Created by Chris Miller and Noah Opponent, this tape examines the different textures of feedback bent around various shades of noise! Listening to Number None inspires me to ask questions about the creation of humanity and the destruction of humanity at the same. This is the kind of music that will affect everyone in different ways. This is why CVLT Nation is streaming Strategies Against Agriculture in full below, so that you can find your own meaning in Number None. Also check out the in-depth interview between Scott McKeating below and number none after the jump!" Read the interview here. Order one of the last few tapes here.