Thursday, August 6, 2009

Locrian “Rain of Ashes” Available on Cassette as of August 25th

Land of Decay has 50 copies of this recording to sell.
Copies of this recording can also be obtained at Fan Death Records

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$1.50 per cassette (minimum order 4 cassettes) postpaid U.S.
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"Rain of Ashes"
Edition Size:
200 Copies
Catalog Number:
FDR 008

Description from Fan Death Records:

If Locrian’s latest full length portrays decay and waste when you first see it, “Rain of Ashes” is the is the aftermath once you’ve had time to think about what you’ve just seen. Recorded with no overdubs and no other takes, Locrian went into WMUC studios located at College Park, Maryland to record what became much more than just a session. “Rain of Ashes” is a journey, not of complex feelings, but of realizing the decay and collapse you have just witnessed is real and will never go away. Instead of completely pummeling the listener, the piece slowly rips the listener apart until there is nothing left. Though after Locrian’s first full length “Drenched Lands”, you might have to ask yourself, “is there anything left to begin with in the first place?” “Rain of Ashes” reassures you that nothing is left. 200 copies on audio cassette.
This release will be available on CD (edition of 300) from Basses Frequences (France) in October 2009 with an alternate bonus track and packaging.

Cassette Tracklisting:
A: Rain of Ashes

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