Sunday, August 2, 2009


There are three more André Foisy “After The Prophecy” solo CDRs left. I'm preparing the finished CDRs to be mailed at the moment. Order one soon if you're interested.

Looks like there are some out of print Locrian releases up on discogs. Pick 'em up if you are interested.

We just received the new Alarm Magazine (Alarm #35). I big thanks to Jamie Ludwig, Marla Seidell and the other nice people at Alarm for writing and publishing a nice feature on Locrian. There are some other cool features in this issue (actually it's more like a book) on Kylesa, Ocean, Tombs, Wino, and Zu. Check it out!

The next Land of Decay release (LOD 4) will be out in mid-September. This will be celebrating Gerritt Wittmer's show at the Metal Shaker in Chicago on September 25. We'll be primarily giving this release (a limited cassette) away for free at the show, but we're planning to have a few for sale from us directly for all of you who can't make his show. More details on this show and upcoming Locrian releases soon.