Thursday, October 15, 2009

Locrian Comp Tracks Available Now

We finished a remix of a Wilt track to celebrate their 10th year together playing. The 2xCD is available now from Ad Noiseam.

Wilt - Cemetary Road 2xCD from Ad Noiseam

Ad Noiseam Describes this release as:
A double CD celebrating Wilt's tenth anniversary, "Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks" contains a new full length album by these veterans and central figures of the American's dark experimental scene and a homage CD, in which eleven remixers (from well known acts to newcomers) pay their tribute to the depth and innovation that paved Wilt's way so far. From a deep and touching combination of drones and acoustic sounds to a noisy and demanding new take at the past, Wilt's new opus is both a foundation stone and a beautiful festive statue.

We also have a track coming out on Fukk Tapes Lets Erase very soon. This compilation features some awesome musicians. Titled "Undergången - An Audio Companion To The End-Tymes" Edited by "Fukk tapes let's Erase" in an edition of 100 copies. This collection is more experimental and industial-driven with elements of power electronics. The collection contains 21 constellations. Which is:

The Moon Dogs, Frozen Faces, Death Domain, 0100000, Barrikad, Trepaneringsritualen, Enema Syringe, Jean-Louis Huhta, Sudden Infant, Altar Of Flies, Hetsjakt, Neghantil, Relics, Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Cutiefuck, Monster Apparat, Violet & Janel, Lux Aeterna, Adolf Filter, The Skull Defekts and LOCRIAN.

At present it is uncertain how it will be purchased. But probably it will be possible to buy the compilation from "Fukk tapes let's Erase" website.