Monday, October 19, 2009

T. HANNUM - The Mount of All Lands 3" CD

T. Hannum
The Mount of All Lands
3" CD
Edition of 60

1. Ascend ( Approx: 10 mins)
2. Descend ( Approx: 10 mins)

Two vocal pieces recorded in 2008 finally released on 3" CD in a limited artists edition w/ artwork by SCOTT TRELEAVEN. T. Hannum is one half of LOCRIAN, normally behind a pile of keyboards and tapes, here only his voice is used. These tracks were edited into a soundtrack for the video installation "Back + Forth" in S. Treleaven's exhibition at Kavi Gupta Gallery in Chicago, IL that opens 10/31 (where LOCRIAN will perform their soundtrack to the video "7 Last Words). "Ascend" is the harsher of the two tracks, and introduces the theme of white noise and humming vocalizations while "Descend" grafts a cloudscape to the experience layering hazes of vocal tones. No instruments but voice were used on this recording. Full immersion.

$5ppd US / $6 ppd Intl.