Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Tapes

Also, just wanted to let everyone know that we’ll have a few copies of the Drenched Lands cassettes any day now. We have the packages, but we’re waiting for the actual tapes to arrive.

We’ll also have a new tape available from Black Horizons titled "Falling Towers/After the Torchlight." This recording took place in early summer 2009 and was a collaboration with Jeremy Lemos of White/Light and was recorded at Semaphore Studios. There will be two more tracks that we recorded with Jeremy that will be released sometime in the spring and will be on one side of an LP with Century Plants. Tape Drift Tapes will be releasing these tracks.

We have deemed James at Black Horizons as the “King of Tapes” because of the amazing packages that he does for his tapes. We expect this one to look amazing. Hopefully, we’ll have those on sale any day now.

On a side note, we’re looking forward to checking out White/Light performing at the Museum of Contemporary Art in March.