Friday, January 29, 2010

Tiny Mix Tapes Review for "Endless Plains/Flat Horizon"

New review of the "Endless Plains/Flat Horizon" tape on Tiny Mix Tapes thanks to "The Gumshoe Grove."


Endless Plains / Flat Horizon [CS]

[Peasant Magik; 2009]
by Gumshoe

If Locrian's Drenched Lands was, in title and sound, a slow raft ride through the charred, thicketed aftermath of mankind (all technology is dead: no science, no climax; most of all, no perky-titted robots), then Side A of Endless Plains / Flat Horizon is the human experience once the initial shock of a Noah-worthy flood has subsided and it's time to comb the countryside for survivors. Patience, my son; shake harder. Side B occurs after you've woken up from a blackout you don't remember, all the tranquility from the previous scene slowly drained like a thick, primordial ooze. Calm tones are replaced by ominous clouds and dentist's drills; you look up, and all you see are masked doctors frantically running around. Is there something wrong with you or something wrong with the world? You'll never know. What you'll do, however, is RIP that mother-fucking IV from your arm and run away as a cracking drone follows you like a hovering band of atomic bees. Then, just as you realize you've just escaped medical malfeasance, you reenter the world and realize just how dark, empty, and charcoal-black the world has become in your absence. There will be souls to reap...