Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Land of Decay 009 Out Now: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words: "No Words"

Artist: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words
Title: "No Words"
Format: Cassette
Catalog Number: LOD 009
Edition Size: 100 Copies

Land of Decay is pleased to announced the our newest release, “No Words” from Sweden’s Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words is the project of the Swedish musician, as well as designer, Thomas Ekelund. His “Lost In Reflections” album was one of our favorites from 2008/2009 and this music follows that album’s trajectory: minimal, haunting, and minor. “No Words” is both ethereal and unsettling.

The artist recorded the music for this release in summer 2009 at Keiller’s Park, Göteborg, Sweden. When Skies are Grey originally released this material in two editions: the first and edition of 23; the second an edition of 46. We were lucky enough to get copies of the original release and we are honored to be releasing this edition.

The Land of Decay version contains artwork and design from Terence Hannum, as well as bonus material that was not included in previous editions of the release.

Track Listing:

A1: No Words
A2: No Words
B1: Forgive Forget Regret [Not available on original release]

Ordering Information:

Price: $7 USA/$10 Rest of World @ postage paid

Please send payment to: landofdecay@gmail.com