Thursday, April 15, 2010

Land of Decay Related: CATARACT OF FIRE & BLOOD / Zine

For those of you who so graciously supported our first printing endeavor New Rites a few months ago and maybe even followed up with a purchase of Black Arts or even Profaned Missive for Fan Death Record's DNA TEST FEST III, Locrian member Terence Hannum has not stopped, and in fact brought in a cohort in this new publication. We have a limited quantity of their new zine Cataract of Fire & Blood, more info below:

Firelight in a pitch-black space. Sigils carved into ready flesh. Cataract of Fire & Blood is a collaborative effort by Terence Hannum and Elijah Burgher, pairing images by the artists that explore subculture and ritual.

The title of the zine is lifted from a passage in William Blake's "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell":

"beneath us was nothing now to be seen but a black tempest, till looking east between the clouds & the waves, we saw a cataract of blood mixed with fire, and not many stones' throw from us appear'd and sunk again the scaly fold of a monstrous serpent."

7" × 8.5" / 20 pages. Full color zine in black envelope, stamped with wax. Edition of 100.

$10ppd (US) / $15ppd (world)
Please send payment to: