Sunday, July 18, 2010

Land of Decay Related: CALL & RESPONSE / Zine w/ Scott Treleaven

For those in this congregation interested in printed matter, Locrian's Terence Hannum has issued his seventh zine in his monthly series for 2010, Call & Response, a collaboration with artist Scott Treleaven, for the month of July. Locrian has worked with Scott for years scoring his films and videos and just recently performed at a screening at Light Industry in Brooklyn, NY. If you've been keeping score with the past 6; False Bloods, Temple of the Immortals, Cataract of Fire and Blood (w/ Elijah Burgher), Profaned Missive (for Fan Death), Black Arts and our own New Rites - again you will not be dissapointed.

Call & Response is a visual dialogue between Terence Hannum and Scott Treleaven . Over the course of one year the artists emailed back and forth, trafficking in images both personal and culled from their extensive archives. When the words were stripped away, what remained was a record of an excavation of their own peculiar belief (and disbelief) systems, overlapping and colliding throughout the conversation. Call & Response pays homage to their devotion to underground zines, nefarious causes, cults, hours lost and gained, corrupted architecture, and youth pinioned in agony/ecstacy. Hazy stills from videos and films carry over formal concerns and a similar tone of darkness that these two friends share, punctuated by drawings and scrawls, xeroxes and vellum.

color xeroxes with black on white |
black on black xerox on paper and vellum
34 pages |
7" × 8.5" |

Edition of 200

$17ppd (US) / $20ppd (World)
Please send payment to: landofdecay (at) gmail (dot) com