Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LOD 008: Locrian "Land of Failure" 2x Loop Tape

Artist: Locrian
Title: "Land of Failure"
Format: 2x Loop Tape
Catalog Number: LOD 008
Edition Size: 13 Copies

"Land of Failure" is a 2x loop tape that the group intended listeners to listen to simultaneously, ad nauseam. One tape consists entirely of Locrian member Terence Hannum and the other consists entirely of André Foisy. The packaging comes with a folded insert, black printing on black paper. Each of the tapes are made on black tapes with white labels. Photography by Kelly Rix.

This release was recorded in July 2010 marks the end of Locrian's phase one of existence.

Cost $10 US @ postage paid/$15 World @ postage paid

Payment to landofdecay@gmail.com

Please inquire to make sure that copies are available before sending payment.