Thursday, August 5, 2010

LOD 011: Terence Hannum "Summoning" / Zine + 3"CDR

For those in this congregation interested in printed matter, and this time some audio material, Locrian's Terence Hannum has issued his eigth zine in his monthly series for 2010, Summoning, for the month of August. If you've been keeping score with the past seven; Call & Response (w/ Scott Treleaven), False Bloods, Temple of the Immortals, Cataract of Fire and Blood (w/ Elijah Burgher), Profaned Missive (for Fan Death), Black Arts and our own New Rites (LOD 007) - again you will not be dissapointed.

A continuation of Locrian member Terence Hannum's monthly series of publications for 2010, "Summoning" combines drawings of candelabras, bonfires and stage lights copied on black paper with textural studies of analog tape, surrounding a core of pages documenting an analog tape sculpture installed at Peregrine Program in July 2010.

This monthly project sees each zine change in format, here "Summoning" introduces a deluxe package of a jewelry box adorned with drawings and sealed by a black obi band to house both the zine AND the addition of a 3" audio CD. The CD contains a the tape loop from the original installation with its brief vocal composition looping for over 20 minutes in a single track also titled "Summoning". Part document and part art object "Summoning" attempts a meditative position while examining the role of the rite and music.

Edition of 45

- 3" CDR (22min. piece)
- 3.5" × 4.5" zine / Black & Black / Black & Gray / Black & White xeroxes | 24 pages
In White Jewelry Box, sealed with a black printed obi band.

Cost: $10ppd (US) / $15ppd (World)
PayPal: landofdecay (at) gmail (dot) com
SPECIAL: Get Summoning and the past issue Call & Response with Scott Treleaven for $22ppd (US) or $25ppd (World) - while supplies last.

(Terence's work will be in an exhibition titled Who's Yr Shaman in Chicago that runs Agust 13th - September 3rd at Johalla Projects - Opening Fri. Aug. 13th 7-11pm.)