Monday, June 6, 2011

Idol Threat on Locrian/HOLC/Mammifer/RM74 Chicago Show at Hideout

Link here.

Oh and Stephen O'Malley will not be performing as part of House of Low Culture. James Plotkin, however, will be performing as part of HOLC with Aaron Turner. It's going to be a night to remember.

And seriously, Locrian performances will be very RARE after June 2011 so please come out if you're around Chicago.


Unfortunately not everyone in/near Chicago can (or will) be able to make the drive to the Utech Music Festival in Milwaukee coming up on June 11th. Luckily for them (and the people who go to the festival but can't get enough) House of Low Culture, Mammifer and RM74 will join local band Locrian for a special Chicago show the following Monday night at The Hideout. For only $8. Yeah I said it, eight fucking dollars. A show with a band that includes Aaron Turner of Isis and Stephen O' Malley of Sunn O))) should bring at least 3 times the admission price but you get all that and more for under $10! That's enough to make me consider going to both shows. Along with the Sunday night at the Neon Marshmallow Fest that would give me three straight days filled with drone, ambience and noise. Fuck it, my ears always ring already anyways. *update: according to Locrian's Facebook page this will be their last Chicago show for quite some time so take advantage of it!

The Hideout
1354 W. Wabansia
6/13/11 9pm $8

Buy Tickets here: