Monday, June 13, 2011

Tonight!!! Locrian/Mamiffer/HOLC/RM74

Link here. Tickets here.


A marked change had come over the forest, as if dusk had begun to fall. Everywhere the glacé sheaths which enveloped the trees and vegetation had become duller and more opaque. The crystal floor underfoot was occluded and gray, turning the needles into spurs of basalt. The brilliant panoply of colored light had gone, and a dim amber glow moved across the trees, shadowing the sequined floor. At the same time it had become considerably colder.

House of Low Culture / Mamiffer

Did you ever just want to pop on a record to zone out to while you are either doing work or trying to rest from some stressful situation, or, did you ever want a mellow record to start the day with or serve as a soundtrack to your latest trip? More and more I am finding these types of records to be essential to my personal mental well being (a respite from the crazy storm of life around me), and there seems to be no short supply of this type of music; but the real trick seems to be wading through the deluge of available releases to find those that hit home, or, in more accurate terms, records that can both affect you and can be ignored. Over time, certain outfits have stuck with me that I have picked up along the way; and House Of Low Culture and Mamiffer are both such projects that I now look forward to what comes from them and this split is certainly no exception.

Watch the bands perform the record together live at the Hideout.


RM74 is the solo project of Swiss musician Reto Mäder who lives in Bern. His take on electronic music as it sits side by side with "real” instrumentation - organ, piano, harp, gong, guitar, kalimba, horn - is characterized by complex structures and dense, bizzare atmoshere. He meshes electronics with instruments in such a way as to make both sides of the fence talk to one another. It’s a cryptic and wide open language between drifting electro-acoustic music, minimal instrumental figures, drones, experimental electronics and slow-growing melodies.