Sunday, July 3, 2011

LAND OF DECAY RELATED: Dark Matter/Dunkle Materie Zine w/ Alexander Binder

For 2011 LOCRIAN member TERENCE HANNUM will be making a publication every other month. January's NEGATIVE LITANIES was the compendium documenting the monthly 2010 series and exhibition. March's ABLATION. was a clandestine dissection of some video footage featuring BLOODYMINDED. For May HANNUM joined forces with frequent collaborator SCOTT TRELEAVEN and made DEATH POSTURE. For July he has collaborated with ALEXANDER BINDER and they made DARK MATTER/DUNKLE MATERIE

DARK MATTER/DUNKLE MATERIE combines the haunting photography of German based artist Alexander Binder in visual collaboration with artist/musician Terence Hannum. In a limited edition of 200, this deluxe black and white publication comes in a printed black envelope and contains a DVDr of one of Hannum's recent videos Epiclesis (10m38s / 2011).

Separated by the centerfold, where the DVD is affixed, this publication is composed of two distinct parts by each artist. On one side Hannum's hazy black and white video stills, dissected from the video on the DVD, are edited for the printed page creating a murky narrative between frozen landscapes and a mysterious ritualistic musical event. On the other side Binder's foggy photographs present a procession of profane images, some lost to their process, and others more explicit in their intensity. We witness altars, sacrifices and wonderful abstractions.

More on Alexander Binder:
Alexander Binder was born on Halloween night 1976 in the Black Forest/Germany. He’s a totally self taught photographer, having never attended a photo class in his life. Even his lenses are mostly self built from optical toys, old soviet cameras, prisms or plastic crap. A fan of Hans Bellmer and Herbert List, Alexander creates mystical and ethereal photos which are characterized by a strong passion for the spiritual, the surreal and the occult.

Edition of 200
w/ DVD of Hannum's new 10m38s video piece Epiclesis
40 Pages
B&W Color Copies
Comes inside a black 9" × 12" envelope with black xerox print on the outside
8.5" × 11"

$20 (US) / $25 (World)
Purchase from Terence Hannum