Thursday, July 28, 2011

LOD August 2011 Update: New Releases!!!

New Releases Available for Order Now:

LOD 018, Niege Et Noirceur “Philosophie des Arts Occultes,” and
LOD 021, Cultus Sabbati “Descent Into The Maelstrom”:

Available for pre-order now and will be shipped beginning on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011.

We are really excited to have two new releases out this month from two of our favorite artists that we don’t hear enough about: Neige et Noirceur and Cultus Sabbati. These are both very limited cassettes and professionally dubbed on chrome, high bias, tape.

The Neige et Noirceur release ranges from very frozen ambient passages to full on black on black blackened black metal. The release captures the out-of-print Philosophie des Arts Occultes on side A, and Thanatonaut, a piece inspired by a science fiction novel by Bernard Werber titled Les Thanatonautes, on side B.

Cultus Sabbati is a not a group of musicians, but a group of people possessed and ultimately absent from any location, time, or space. “Descent Into the Maelstrom” is a batch of tracks intuitively and mystically linked, each track ebbing and flowing into the next. It’s an album documenting a band possessed, an album that draws you in and forces you into a similar state, or rather, another dimension. You can download their first release “The Garden of Forking Ways” for free at The Quietus.

All new orders will be shipped starting Tuesday, August 2nd.

Artist: Neige et Noirceur
Title: Philosophie des Arts Occultes
Format: Cassette
Catalog Number: LOD 018
Edition Size: 100 copies

Neige & Noirceur "Rituel Incantatoir du grimoire du sorcier " [Excerpt] by Landofdecay


Philosophie des Arts Occultes
A1) Loudon (5:40)
A2) Rituel incantatoire du grimoire du sorcier (10:43)
A3) Oija (8:03)

B) Thanatonaut (18:10)


Artist: Cultus Sabbati
Title: Descent Into The Maelstrom
Format: Cassette
Catalog Number: LOD 021
Edition Size: 93 copies

Cultus Sabbati "Adrift At Sea" by Landofdecay

A1) Adrift at Sea (3:55)
A2) Tempest’s Edge (10:03)
A3) Mouth of the Beast (8:46)
B1) Walls of the Abyss (12:56)
B2) Beneath the Waves (3:00)
B3) Descent Into the Maelstrom (8:12)