Monday, January 9, 2012


So the tape sale at our bigcartel shop will only be for a few more days. Thanks to everyone for ordering!

We've made some progress on our Locrian/Christoph Heemann album that will be coming out on Handmade Birds this year. We plan to finish the music by the end of the month and to have it mastered at Chicago Mastering Service soon afterwards. It's going to be a real droner, but it's really turning out quite nicely.

Next, we'll be working on some material for an upcoming Coil release. Our source material will be a recording that John Balance and Peter Christopherson made of Taylor Mead reading his poetry. This is going to be a real challenge, but it's very exciting!

and next for Land of Decay will be one of the last Number None recordings as well as a live recording of our friends from across the pond, Wraiths.

Number None were one of the first groups that Locrian performed with and they greatly impacted us. Get excited!