Monday, March 1, 2010

Playlist for Locrian DJ Set at Exit: Sunday, February 28, 2010

We had a good DJ set at the Exit in order to celebrate our upcoming release "Territories."

There were some dudes from some shitty metalic harCdore band on Relapse called Misery Index that showed up before we even started and requested us to play their own songs. So...we decided not to jam any of Misery Index's metalic harCdore tracks and to start off with a band that Relapse released when they were a more interesting label: Dead World. We do admit, however, that Dead World's best release was their last one which was released on Bloodlust! But Dead World's work on their Relapse releases was awesome too and way better than most of crap that Relapse puts out today.

So we decideded to play an Assück song for the Misery Index dudes (an ersatz version of Assück.) We had a very general audience, so we had to keep the tracks mostly "mainstream" according to our host. We tried our best, but the Misery Index dudes complained when we threw in too many experimental and power-electronics tunes. You can't please them all!

Anyway, here's our DJ set from the night.

1) Dead World - "Warhammer"
2) Uncreation's Dawn - "Lifeless Domain Opens"
3) Inquisition - "Embracad by Unholy Powers of Death and Destruction"
4) Morbid Angel - "Dominate"
5) Krallice - "Time Husk"
6) Voivod - " Experiment"
7) Forteresse - "Deluge Blanc"
8) Obituary - "Don't Care"
9) Emperor - "Towards the Pantheon"
10) Sun Splitter - "Carn of Old Eyes"
11) Hatjan - ""Destruction Et Annihilation"
12) Nachtmystium - "A Seed for Suffering"
13) Black Sabbath - "Trashed"
14) Ash Pool - "Sin of Life"
15) Locrian - "Procession of Ancestral Brutalism"
16) Carcass - "Buried Dreams"
17) Anthrax - "Caught In a Mosh"
18) Church of Misery - "Shotgun Boogie"
19) Amesoeurs - "Ruines Humaines"
20) Horseback - "Invokation"
21) Corrupted - "Sus Futuros"
22) Kreator - "Ripping Corpse"
23) Velnias - "Into Arms of Oak"
24) The Ruins of Beverast - "God's Ensaguined Beastiaries"
25) Iron Maiden - "Children of the Damned"
26) Intrinsic Action - "Motivation"
27) Slayer - "Necrophobic"
28) Suffocation - "Infecting the Crypts"
29) Leviathan - "Vesture Dipped in the Blood of Morning"
30) Dissection - "Night's Blood"
31) Locrian - "The Columness Arcade"
32) Dark Funeral - "Open the Gates"
33) Mayhem - "Freezing Moon"
34) Catacombs - "In the Depth of R'lyeh"
35) Eyehategod - "Ruptured Heart Theory"
36) Void - "Time to Die"
37) Metallica - "Battery"
38) Buried Inside - II
39) Weakling - "Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therin"
40) Runhild Gammaseater "Collapse -- Lifting of the Veil"
41) Prurient - "Returning Truth"
42) Assück - "The 1,000 Mile Stare"
43) Tragedy - "Conflicting Ideas"
44) Locrian - "Inverted Ruins"