Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on Locrian c40 from Black Horizons:

link here.

2/2/10 update from Black Horizons:


Yeap, time for a new release. It is a C40 from Locrian, and it is one of the best tapes I've ever done. The Warmth - Privacy from God C52 was supposed to drop at the same
time, but due to it being a "printjob from hell" it is delayed until next week. In other comings up, the Tecumseh 10" is now a 12", and is at testpressing stage. Shortly.
Then will come an Anakrid LP and a Yellow Swans / Oakeater split LP. The Swans album that just dropped, that is not their last record. This one, given the way I
tend to release things, will be. It will also be worth the wait, especially since it is shared with Oakeater. Watch for all this come summer. I am on the move.

Thank you to everyone for their continued patience and support. This label means the world to me, and no, it is not dead. You will all know when it is.