Wednesday, May 11, 2011

LAND OF DECAY RELATED: Death Posture Zine w/ Scott Treleaven

For 2011 LOCRIAN member TERENCE HANNUM will be making a publication every other month. January's NEGATIVE LITANIES was the compendium documenting the monthly 2010 series and exhibition. March's ABLATION. was a clandestine dissection of some video footage featuring BLOODYMINDED. And for May HANNUM joined forces with frequent collaborator SCOTT TRELEAVEN and made DEATH POSTURE.

DEATH POSTURE is the latest zine collaboration by artist/musician Terence Hannum and artist Scott Treleaven. In a limited edition of 100, the zine includes a set of two pins in a hand-stamped envelope. DEATH POSTURE features a dialogue between Hannum's elegant gouache drawings and raw super8 film footage by Treleaven. A strange, organic kind warmth emerges in the subtle variances of grainy black and white film strips laid out against the intensity and starkness of Hannum's drawings. Towers of amplifiers, prostrated figures, and candles flesh out Treleaven's documents of a visit to an Italian ossuary, fighting dogs, and an anonymous figure. After the success of their first zine, CALL + RESPONSE, this new publication provides an even more subtle iteration of their on-going exchange of overlapping ideas and images.

EDITION OF 100 Copies
44 pages
Vellum cover w/ black xerox on black paper inside, black & white inside pages
8.5" × 11"

$20 (US)
$25 (World)
PAYPAL: unluckyatlas (at) gmail (dot) com