Sunday, May 29, 2011

LOD 019 [Pre-order]: Ash Borer Discography (2009-2011)---Ships Sat., June 4, 2011

Artist: Ash Borer
Title: Discography 2009-2011
Format: 2xCassette
Catalog Number: LOD 019
Edition Size: 100 Copies
Release Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2011 [Pre-order now]

We are very pleased to release the discography from one of our favorite newer groups: Ash Borer. This release collects all of their released (mostly out-of-print) material to the present: their newest tape on their own Psychic Violence label; the material from their split with Fell Voices; and their demo from 2009, however, unlike the low resolution files of the demo tracks that are available for download on many blogs, the demo material on this tape was mastered by zz. Additionally, the material was professionally duplicated on chome high resolution tape.

Ash Borer are from the west coast and play really bleak black metal. This is epic stuff packed full of riffs intertwined with raw minor key drudgery. For those of you who were fans of our recent Velnias tape, you won’t be disappointed by this release. The newer material is their strongest, and weirdest stuff yet, and includes new member Nate Clement from one of our other favorite bands (Servile Sect)--black metal and analog synths? Yes, please? For those of you who slept on these previous releases, this is your time to jump on this material.

Sure to go fast!

Track Listing:

Tape 1:
A1: In the midst of life, weare in death
A2: Rest you are the lightning
B1: My curse was raised in the darkness against a doomsday silence

Tape 2:
A1: Untitled
B1: Drukne
B2: Untitled