Sunday, May 29, 2011

LOD 016 Out Monday, May 30, 2011: Persistence in Mourning "Confessions of an American Cult"

Artist: Persistence in Mourning
Title: Confessions of An American Cult
Format: Cassette
Catalog Number: LOD 016
Edition Size: 100 Copies
Release Date: Monday, May 30, 2011
Black Uroborus Illustrations
Label Contact:

Brand new studio album from weird Oklahoma doom project Persistence in Mourning. Of all the releases from this project, this one is arguably the most dynamic: from its use of acoustic instruments like piano, acoustic guitars, to its use of buzzed out guitars and distorted and chanted vocals, swirling synthesizers, and sampled conspiratorial oration.
This is unsettling stuff. A truly bizarre and awesome album? I suppose that a listener could refer to this as doom, but the “metal” tag doesn’t always work for it since it implies a level of provinciality in sound. These pieces at times have a more industrial sound, reminiscent of early industrial music. Bizarre, bleak, burned-out, and brilliant. This is definitely a project to look out for in the coming year.

Artwork for this release was prepared by
Black Uroborus Illustrations. Recorded and mastered by zz and professionally duplicated on chrome high resolution tape.

Track Listing:
A1: …And Hell Opened at My Feet (9:47)
A2: Conspiracy Theorist (8:45)
A3: Doomsday from the Pulpit (4:26)
A4: Defector Part I (Outside Looking In) (3:34)
B1: I Was Sent to Spread Fear (8:47)
B2: La Violencia (7:38)
B3: Defector Part II (Inside Looking Out) (5:09)
B4: John Doe #2 (6:17)