Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Servile Sect & Cedars of Lebanon Tapes OUT TODAY!!!

Link here.


Artist: Servile Sect

Title: Demos 2005/2006

Format: Cassette

Catalog Number: LOD 022

Edition Size: 100 Copies
Artwork: Kevin Gan Yuen
Mastering: Zz

Track Titles:

Side A: Manifesting Starships to Destroy the Vatican (14:49)

Side B: Nouranihar/Kings of Saturn (14:58)

Artist: Cedars of Lebanon

Title: Archive II

Format: Cassette

Catalog Number: LOD 018

Edition Size: 125 Copies
Members: A Couri, Jamie Drier, Mikey Ricketts

Track Titles:

Side A

1) Lament (4:35)

2) Place Me Underneath My Mother’s Breast Underneath the Cedar Tree (8:25)

3) I Was There At The Moment of the Beginning (9:31)

4) Nerves (14:22)

Side B

1) At The Grasp Of Death We May Sing (7:37)

2) Opium Tone 2 (24:25)