Monday, December 19, 2011

Still Single on "Dort Ist Der Weg" 7"


In which we come to that one 7” in the stack that will follow me to the grave … strong words I rarely stand by in the long (or short) run. Liner notes claim that the best side is influenced by Popol Vuh, but David Copperfield couldn’t turn what I’m hearing into Krautrock. Maybe some of you know that feeling when a Kranky release doesn’t have the teeth that you had hoped for. This is the record you wanted to experience. A-side is truly heavy, and the flip is balls-out noisy AND employs “voice” to do so. It’s a miracle the parts created a sum that I’m trying to sell to readers…but for fuck’s sake, this is a solid and forward-looking little record and I just read an equally-confusing review of their full-length in the latest Decibel. Get excited. On black vinyl, letterpressed sleeves, edition of 500. (
(Andrew Earles)"

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