Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tokafi on "The Clearing": Terrifying: Trauma Without Kitsch

"There’s no doubt that Locrian is a group that has mastered the art of imbuing their art with maximum psychological charge. The songs of The Clearing wouldn’t be out of place in a B horror movie or spine-tingling sci-fi flick. That said, the band manages to pull of its sense of extreme trauma without sounding kitsch or derivative of a bygone era of leather jackets and spiked collars. These guys mean every bit of what they’re playing. And that’s terrifying." More here.

I'm really happy that some people are scared by this album, but really, if there's anything to be terrified about it's that Canada has dropped out of the Kyoto Protocol and that the recent agreement on climate change from the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa is weak....really weak: leaders agreed to agree on something later. Too bad there's not much time to avert significant climate changes....you can hear about it on Democracynow.org