Saturday, October 23, 2010

Land of Decay Related: RESONANT VOID / Zine

For those of you who have so graciously supported the past publications, Locrian member Terence Hannum has not stopped creating publications in his monthly series for 2010. We have a limited quantity of his new zine Resonant Void, more info below:

Tenth zine in the series, this time from the excellent imprint at Desiccated Husk, known for excellent zines and extreme music.

RESONANT VOID focuses on the throne, the axis, the seat, the center of the world - the drum, or for our purposes: the drumset. Here in these drawings the kits emerge from darkness juxtaposed with hazes of stage lights and geometric shapes. But always the void remains, next to some phrases culled from anthropological study of the importance of the drum in ritual.

8.5" × 5.5"
Edition of 50 / 24 pages
Color printing on white paper w/ gray cover in sealed polybag
$5ppd (US)
PAYPAL: landofdecay (at) gmail (dot) com

SPECIAL DEAL Both Acts of Contrition & "RESONANT VOID" for $22ppd (US)