Friday, October 29, 2010

Locrian on Basses Frequences Radio

You can hear some of the great stuff that Basses Frequences has released on the French radio show Scarpe Sens Sensée. The show will be available for streaming later today. You'll be able to download the show here(look for “vendredi 29″) for five days only.

Here's the full list of stuff that will be on the show:

01 thisquietarmy “the hierarchy of angels”, from “aftermath”
02 I Am Seamonster “nebulum” extract, from “nebulum/constellatrix”
03 Aidan Baker “figures part1″ extract, from “blue figures”
04 Pleq “first to fall”, from “ballet mechanic”
05 Pleq “good night”, from “ballet mechanic”
06 Jeremie Mathes “sylgr” extract, from “gjöll”
07 Alistair Crosbie “shadowclatter”, from “ashenground”
08 Peter Wright, yet untitled track from forthcoming album
09 Locrian “rain of ashes” extract, from “rain of ashes”
10 Tamagawa “à toi ho cloporte”, from “l’arbre aux fées”
11 Yui Onodera & The Beautiful Schizophonic “urban form”, from “radiance”
12 thisquietarmy + Yellow6 “furnace”, from “death”
13 Nadja “corrasion” extract, from “corrasion”
14 Aidan Baker “lapse” extract, from “i fall into you”
15 Lunar Miasma “circle mountain”, from “crystal covered”
16 Nicholas Szczepanik “when I’m no longer afraid of you” extract, from “dear dad”
17 Celer “how dear this ear of reason, beneath the backlit sun” extract, from “panoramic dreams bathed in seldomness”