Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Distro Items

We've got some copies of the Locrian/Harpoon 7" from HeWhoCorrupts Inc. and the Locrian: "Endless Plains/Flat Horizons" tape from Peasant Magik.

If you'd like the 7" then that'll be:

($7.00 USA/$9.00 Canada+Mexico/$11.00 Rest of World @ postpaid)

This will be available here soon as well: HeWhoCorrupts Inc.

Here's the description from HeWhoCorrupts Inc.:

A well executed mash up of two of Chicago’s more notable enterprises of loudness – the long coming Locrian / Harpoon split 7” is finally available for wholesale. The vinyl portion of the release includes one song each by both bands. The accompanying digital card provides additional bonus material. This is Harpoon’s first release with a bass player. As well, Locrian collaborates with Andrew Sherer of Velnias. The release is limited to 300 copies on marble green vinyl with full color double sided insert and letter pressed cover.....If you are truly interested in getting copies for your distro I recommend not waiting. We don’t intend to repress as this is the label’s last physical release.

For distribution information, contact:

You can check out the letterpressed cover art here: Discogs

If you'd like the "Endless Plains/Flat Horizon" tape, then that'll be:

($6.00 USA/$7.00 Canada+Mexico/$9.00 Rest of World @ postpaid)

This tape will be available soon here as well: Peasant Magik

Endless Plains / Flat Horizon c28 / Edition of 100 The beginning of the crest of the wave in our collaborative material. This session was recorded while we were on tour this past summer at Empress of Sound in Washington DC by Greg Svitil (The Antiques/Teething Veils) on Farfisa Organ after our DC show and before the Richmond show. Our most direct kosmiche outing yet.

For distribution information contact:

Please contact us before ordering these to make sure that we have supplies since these are both extremely limited. We'll consider combining shipping on multiple items so check our distro page if you're interested in anything else. We still have a few copies of the Drenched Lands LP, so get in touch with us soon if you'd like one.

Diophantine Discs has a new shop that you can check out here. We do still have a couple more copies of the Greyfield Shrines LP on Diophantine. We're now sold out of the "Plague Journal" 7" so if you're interested in picking that up, then contact Bloodlust! soon since Bloodlust! is just about out of them for good.

Also, it looks like you can pick up the Undergången - An Audio Companion To The End-Tymes (Cass, Comp, Ltd) from Discogs. This is a beautiful c120 tape that's worth picking up if anything for the Dead Letters Spells Out Dead Words, and Skull Defects, and Sudden Infant tracks. Highly Recommended! Limited to 100 copies!

As usual, paypal to:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Locrian Triple Release Show Friday, November 13th @ Enemy Chicago

Friday, November 13th at 8:00pm
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60622
$5 donation
All Ages


Chord (Members of Pelican)



This is the release show for the Locrian/Harpoon split 7" on HeWhoCorrupts Inc.


"Rain of Ashes" CD on Basses Frequences;


"Endless Plains/Flat Horizon" - c30 on Peasant Magik

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Locrian "Rain of Ashes" Available from Land of Decay in the U.S.

We have copies of the Locrian CD "Rain of Ashes."

These look great and sound really clear thanks to an awesome mastering job from Chicago Mastering Service.

Please send $12ppd to:
if you are interested.

If you would like to distribute this title then please contact