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Friday, July 13, 2012

Cover of the Upcoming Collaborative LP between LOCRIAN & Christoph Heemann (Handmade Birds)

"cover of the upcoming Locrian with Christoph Heemann release. essential listening."

Cover by Artist SEAN DACK



 "What sounds exist in decay? What sounds exist in our silence? What sounds exist in the darkness of nature? I don’t have the answers to these questions, but I know when I listen to Cultus Sabbati these are some on the things that take over my mind. They have just released a new tape on Land of Decay entitled The Hagiography of Baba Yaga which you can purchase HERE. CVLT Nation is stoked to be streaming the Cultus Sabbati track “Never Turn Your Back to the Forest” below. Expand your brain way past the unknown…"


Monday, July 9, 2012

thisquietarmy @ BRAINWASHED

"TQA is often considered amongst the multitude of "guitar drone" projects, but like the best examples of that sub-genre, it is anything but repetitious or simplistic.  Instead Phantom Limbs is a detailed and thorough meditation on a single instrument that does not become stagnant, but spends the perfect amount of time to develop and expand on a theme or sound.  This is one of those works that really demand close attention to absorb all the nuance and complexity that lies within...[MORE]" - CREAIG DUNTON / BRAINWASHED


GATES, thisquietarmy & CULTUS SABBATI reviewed @ MEATMEADMETAL

"So it was a nice week to get a slew of releases from Land of Decay, a label that is awash with music that can help you escape, chill out, lose your mind, or handle your business. Their most notable band Locrian (who recently signed with Relapse, and whose members own Land of Talk) is one I often turn to when I’m facing a heap of work and want music that’ll keep me motivated and excited but not ready to take off someone’s head with a chainsaw. Another band of that ilk is Toronto’s Nadja, whose dreamy transmissions would sound right at home on Land of Decay. The three releases Land of Decay have ready for you, all in cassette form, can be labeled ambient and drone, but all approach that unique style in a completely different way...[MORE]"


GATES "Eintraum" Review @ Antigravitybunny

"I can’t even handle this one, you guys. It’s too much. Absolutely brutal, the best black noise I’ve heard in a long time. Harsh wall of sound that’s dark as fuck, a solid mass of devil drone, furious feedback & blown out riffage that’s caustic and pulverizing. Three tracks, each one with a slightly different vibe. The first is a frenzy, pure Skullflowery chaos, like the black noise version of Love Is A Stream, and buried way down is a Mick Barr style shredding and the occasional blast beat. Then there’s an atmospheric black metal track that takes the most destructive riffs and cranks everything way up, distortion and effects turned into a badass nightmare. The final track is some Sunn O))) blackened doom drone worship, pure fucking evil and depressive beyond belief, massive slabs of static rising up from the depths, apocalyptic feedback crumbling in on itself. This whole thing has an end of days feel to it and it’s the fucking best. Eintraum is definitely one of my favorites this year by a long shot. There’s not enough black/drone right now but Gates are sitting right on top and fucking delivered." - ANTIGRAVITYBUNNY




Winters in Osaka & Plastic Crimewave, Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan, Toupee, Neil Jendon, Personal Injury Lawyer 
When: Sat., June 30, 9 p.m. 2012
Price: $6

Neil Jendon has been a fixture in Chicago experimental-music circles for years, playing countless solo shows, appearing sporadically with drone merchants Zelienople, and more recently joining the noisier Kwaidan (with Zelienople drummer Mike Weis and Locrian guitarist Andre Foisy). For most of that time he's just hawked his music himself on CD-R, but now he's finally released an album with better distribution. On Corporate Laughter (C.I.P.) you can hear traces of Jendon's distant musical past as a guitarist in 90s alt-rock also-rans Catherine—"Static After Static" has an old-school industrial flavor, with a dark, pulsing synth line that harks back to the glory days of Throbbing Gristle, and "Always and Only" is essentially a rickety pop song buried under ambient murk—but by and large he's moved on to other interests. The epic opener, "The Morbid Age," juxtaposes calm and violence, colliding sweet, slow-moving synthetic string washes with slashing, seething electronic tones that could've come from Merzbow. The relatively subdued and minimal "Staggers and Folds" balances crawling low-end undulation and what sounds like whale song. Jendon uses hand-tweaked modular synthesizers and outmoded 80s keyboards—all of them heavily processed—and he believes the unpredictability of his gear is a key factor in his sound. "I don't play it so much as manage it," he says. For tonight's show he'll play material similar to what's on Corporate Laughter. —Peter Margasak

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Locrian Website

Any updates about Locrian will now be posted to the official Locrian website:

Hook the page up to your RSS feed if you want.

Let us know if you have any suggestions for the website: locriannoise at gmail.com

Monday, July 2, 2012


The :Locrian/Land of Decay shipping department is going on vacation. All orders will be shipped out as of tomorrow morning for both Locrian and Land of Decay items. I've sent most orders out with the exception of a few.

I will keep the shop open. Shipping operations will resume on July 15th.

Thank you