Wednesday, April 3, 2013

OIKOS video for "Coagvla"

LISTEN AND LOOK to the new track and video from OIKOS then go pick up the tape here

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


LAND OF DECAY is proud to present these three new releases.

LOD 025: OKO "5730±40"

OKO begins as a low rumble in near darkness. The two performers begin to improvise, using sound building blocks and voice to create an uneasy soundscape. The video projections of mountain and forest scenes gradually become brighter, the space is filled with smoke and the smell of burning leaves. As the performance progresses, the sound’s grip on the bodies of the performers strengthens, throwing them around like puppets. At the crescendo the performance breaks and opens to whiteness and stillness. The space is filled with a bright light and a low hum.
OKO are the duo of Robert Heim & Aleks Slota who hail from Germany and are known for their multimedia performances. Recorded in Berlin in 2012.
c60 / Black ink on Smoke Gray shell / Packaged in a hand printed Chipboard Brad Pak with full color insert.

LOD 029: Ars Phoenix "Amethyst"

ARS PHOENIX is a dark electronic trio from Florida, started by electronic mastermind Jon Glover ten years ago. Now a solid trio who delve in dark dirge like synth heavy pop they present their most recent and mature recordings here on their cassette "Amethyst" to celebrate their current tour.
c26 / Color labels on tapes / Black print on violet iridescent translucent vellum / in Black and Clear Norelco style case

LOD 032: OIKOS "Solve Et Coagvla"

OIKOS are the Spanish duo of David San Martín and Rafael Femiano. A diverse cross section of musical elements living in tension. The aggregate revealing more than could be know from each part. Dense guitar magik draped over layers of digital texture. A shimmering and loud work that represents the menacing nature that lies behind the facade of all living things.
After their epic and transcendent "Ecotono" CD on Utech and tape on Merz they present "Solve Et Coagvla" as a new dark vision. Recorded between 2008-2011 with artwork & design by LOCRIAN member Terence Hannum. Mastered by Andy Lippoldt. Take a listen to "Omniscience" that features guitar work from LOCRIAN member and LAND OF DECAY co-founder André Foisy.
c60 / Green Ink on Gray Shell / Full color j-card in clear cassette shell.

Monday, April 1, 2013