Saturday, April 30, 2011

Vinyl Abuse on Sun Splitter "II"

Link here.

Nice words on the Sun Splitter "II" tape from Vinyl Abuse. Here's what the blog has to say:

"This album is killer! 4 tracks of heavy doom/industrial/noise spread over 30+ minutes of tape. Originally released on cdr but Land Of Decay did the right thing and gave it an analogue release on pro-dubbed high quality chrome cassettes. Sun Splitter use drum machines and samples without sounding electronic at all. There's two guitarists and a hell of a lot of riffs as well as a vocalist that goes from chanting to blackened growls. There was only 100 copies made and they're all gone from the label but if you're quick you can get one here. Highly recommended."

Friday, April 29, 2011

Vinyl Abuse on Locrian "The Crystal World"

Link here. Thanks to the blogger for the support.

Here's what he has to say:

"After having Locrian's latest LP spinning on my turntable for the last few weeks I'm finally getting around to posting about it. It's not easy to describe the sounds on this record as there's quite a mix of genres all melting together to make music that's both dark and beautiful at the same time. The cover art by Justin Bartlett looks exactly like it sounds, which is what album covers should do. Fans of ambient, drone, noise and black metal would be best off getting this into your eardrums as soon as possible. LP available now from Utech Records."

Audriodrome (Italy) on Sun Splitter "II"

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Recensione cumulativa per la nuova scoperta dei Locrian: Sunsplitter.

Tre uomini, due drum machine, molto dolore. II è una cassetta in edizione limitata (Land Of Decay) contenente quattro pezzi che si situano da qualche parte tra sludge, doom e noise (inteso nella sua declinazione rock come in quella industrial). Essenzialmente, i Sun Splitter basano la loro filosofia su due concetti cardine: volume e pesantezza. Nella loro musica tengono presenti da un lato Swans e Godflesh, dall’altro l’estremizzarsi del doom e il suo farsi sperimentale con O’Malley & Anderson ed epigoni. Sembrano inorriditi da tutto ciò che è chic, pochissimo propensi alla melodia e si direbbe che non abbiano la benché minima intenzione di avere un sound bilanciato, nitido e intellegibile, ma è proprio così che deve essere da certe parti.
Dopo questa cassetta hanno anche pubblicato per Bastard Sloth uno split sette pollici, che li ha messi assieme ai Bridesmaid da Columbus (Ohio), che – guarda caso – suonano sludge: sul lato A c’è la tambureggiante "Vilkin' It For All It's Worth" di questi ultimi, sul lato B c’è “Plum Blossom” dei Sun Splitter, brano densissimo dai suoni ultra-ribassati, nel quale si sente di più l’intenzione di imbastardire il sangue metal con l’industrial e il noise. Ne sentiremo parlare? Qualcosina ci scommetterei.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More photos of Locrian/Gnaw/Blacklist/Martial Canterel in NYC

Naomi Ramirez took other great photos of the Locrian, Martial Canterel, Blacklist, Gnaw show that was organized and promoted by Pieter Schoolwerth and Brandon Stosuy (Stereogum/Haunting the Chapel).

Link here.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Locrian at Bandcamp

You can find the new Locrian bandcamp site here.

We are in the process of putting all of the studio albums on this site, which means if you purchase any of the physical studio albums from this site, you will be able to receive a download of the album immediately, which is kind of cool. Also, it means that you have more options for downloading the albums. That is, you can download high resolution files of the albums. You can also stream the albums that are on there in their entirety.

Tiny Mix Tapes on Sun Splitter "II"

Link here.

Sun Splitter

[Land of Decay; 2011]
By Gumshoe

Warlock-metal? Ritualistic metal? Stone-the-crow metal? Whatever you call it, Sun Splitter hang around the low-low-LOW end of the spectrum. Your speakers will wheeze with very-real pain, your tweeters taking the day off while your woofers work overtime. Majestic guitar leads; maybe this is dungeon-meta ... Slow stomps, guitars tuned low and crunchy like that first — and only the first — Pelican EP (back before they were Pelican't) or Pungent Stench or maybe even Entombed. Much, much slower than any of those, though. Cathedral could have been this heavy if they had a better screamer and laid off the up-tempo Sabbath vamps, but it never really happened, did it? Neurosis too; that's a natural mention any time a metal band dials things down, but there's a particularly strong connection in this instance. There's a point where it's either sink or swim, either the tape distinguishes itself as a force to be reckoned with or gets tossed in the pile with the burnouts. And it does, in a big way, suddenly, machine-gun double-bass, surging-sea riffs, pounding toms, ghostly group-screams. GUUUUUUAAAAAAHHHH!!! Hell yeah.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Denis Kostromitin on "New Dominions" (Horseback/Locrian Collab EP) Artwork

"The Wooden Word", pastels on paper, 72x69cm, 2010

Denis Kostromitin discusses the symbolism in the wonderful artwork that he created for the
Horseback/Locrian collaborative EP "New Dominions" that will be released on Utech Records in June.

You can read his thoughts here:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Brooklyn Vegan Post Live Pics of Locrian, Gnaw, Blacklist, Martial Canterel,

Greg Cristman
took some nice photos from the Locrian show in Brooklyn last weekend. Thanks for Weird Records and Stereogum's Haunting the Chapel for the great show.

Other photos at Brooklyn Vegan.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Village Voice on Locrian NYC Show 4/17/2011

Nice write-up on our Sunday show by Chritopher Weingarten.

Link here.

Metal in a meatgrinder
By Christopher Weingarten

Crossing the fertile soil between heavy metal, ambient noise, and weird, disgusting bullshit, this four-band bill at Europa is like an expressionistic rendering of a thunderstorm or slaughterhouse. Leading the pack is Chicago’s wildly prolific Locrian, whose ritualistic, smoke-soaked live show is rooted in metal’s brooding overcast skies, but has a sound that leans more toward meditative drones, spectral hums, ghost rattles, and slow-moving foglike drifts of sludge. Similarly, openers Gnaw have metal’s glass-gargling screeches (courtesy of Khanate’s Alan Dubin), and monster drumming (courtesy Jamie Sykes of Thorr’s Hammer), but lean more toward sprawling, smeary sound pieces that mix traditional doom with a colorful slurry of deafening static, back masked horror, and homemade noisemakers. The bill is rounded out by two more quietly creepy local bands on the perennially chilly, defiantly austere label Wierd Records: The hopelessly (new-)romantic band Blacklist, who’s equal parts wistful and moody, making them like a John Hughes soundtrack to a vampire flick, and Martial Canterel, who embraces the most minimal ends of the darkwave spectrum.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Locrian/Horseback 7" (Turgid Animal)

Locrian/Horseback 7" available now at:

If you live in Europe, then check Turgid Animal since we're sure that they'll have a cheaper price.

Records will be shipped during the week of Monday, April 18th, 2011.

Artist: Locrian & Horseback
Edition Size: 300
Artwork: Scott Treleaven
Label: Turgid Animal

Side A: Horseback - Oblivion Eaters

Side B: Locrian - In the Absence of Light

The Locrian track was recorded in fall 2010, just a few months before "The Crystal World" was recorded. "In the Absence of Light" was recorded during the same session as "This is the Final Epoch" (the bonus track from the tape version of "Drenched Lands").

Friday, April 8, 2011

Locrian Interview and Rare Items for Sale

A great new website just posted a Locrian interview (minus Steven) here.

We added a new "Territories" package to the Land of Decay shop as well as copies of the Locrian/Colossus c50 tape that we found. The recording on the tape is from a live set on WLUW in 2008 (maybe 2007?). Regardless, it's one of the earlier Locrian recordings. Check it out here.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Locrian member Terence Hannum's Playlist up on HammerSmashedSound

For a list of top 10 video art pieces and some artists' publications check out Hammer Smashed Sound to read what Terence is watching and reading.

Monday, April 4, 2011

URMF - June 2011

You can check out the Utech Records Festival website here.

There's a sampler on the site that has a preview of one of the tracks that will be on the Horseback/Locrian one-sided LP later this year.