Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RIP Lee Jackson

Texas bsaed music writer Lee Jackson recently passed away.

It's a tragic loss. He was a great supporter of experimental music who wrote for his own website, Womblife, and others like Foxy Digitalis.

Monday, March 26, 2012

BrooklynVegan Chicago on Kwaidan and Locrian

"Kwaidan will headline a show at the Empty Bottle TONIGHT (3/26). Kwaidan is a new project that features the talents of Mike Weis (Zelienople), Andre Foisy (Locrian), and Neil Jendon on drums, guitar and synth respectively. The 100% FREE show will also feature a stellar lineup of local favorites including appearances from Winters In Osaka (who have a new split with Fossils), Trevor de Brauw (of Pelican/Chord), and Dead Dragon Mountain (9:30 start time). Kwaidan recently released a new cassette via Accidental Recordings and you can stream a snippet of that below."

More here.

Invisible Oranges Interview with Locrian

Here's the other half of the conversation (over beers) between Locrian and Jamie Ludwig at Invisible Oranges.com.


"When two of the most innovative groups in heavy music today — Chicago-based avant-garde trio Locrian and Seattle art/drone duo Mamiffer — announced they were teaming up for a studio collaboration, the resulting album, Bless Them That Curse You (Profound Lore/SIGE/Utech), quickly became one of the earliest “most-anticipated” releases of 2012 among fans of experimental and extreme music.

Comprised of co-founders André Foisy and Terence Hannum, along with percussionist Steven Hess, Locrian has been challenging listeners with concoctions of ambient noise, black metal, extreme electronics, and free jazz (among other styles), since 2005. Locrian certainly don’t seem to lack either creativity or industriousness, having produced upwards of 25 releases, often packaged in limited editions and in a variety of formats. Their fourth and most recent full-length, The Clearing (Fan Death), was released last fall to critical acclaim.

Mamiffer is the project of husband-and-wife duo Aaron Turner (whom you may remember from such acts as Isis and House of Low Culture) and Faith Coloccia (former Everlovely Lightningheart). Mamiffer’s 2008 debut full-length, Hirror Enniffer (Hydra Head) was an otherworldly exploration marked with unfamiliar, often uncomfortable pairings, such as a simple, clean piano melody layered over a menacing cloud of grey fuzz.

Produced by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, Bless Them That Curse You contains many harsh, noise-laden, epic moments, but its overall tone is one of beauty and grace, wrapped in a darkness that feels more questioning than foreboding, and more mysterious than dismal. Although the material was largely improvised in the studio, the album sounds as though its members had been crafting music as a single unit for years.

Just days before the album’s February 28 release date, I conducted a lengthy interview with members of Locrian. For the rest of the interview with Foisy and Hess about the making of the record and the unique experience of collaborating with relative strangers, visit my blog, Uneasy Listening.
— Jamie Ludwig"

Link here.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Locrian at Uneasy Listening: "I WANT TO BE SMEARED. I WANT TO BE NOT SO CLEAR"

Steven Hess and I recently spoke with Jamie Ludwig who started a great new website called Uneasy Listening. This turned out to be one of my favorite interviews that we've done. Here's an excerpt.

Link to the entire interview here.

"I’m hanging out with Locrian’s André Foisy at The Map Room in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood, waiting for drummer Steven Hess to arrive when he tells me that a recent night out with friends has left Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun” stuck in his head for days. Rather than being frustrated, or even hateful of the mental loop, Foisy says he’s rather enjoying the 80s party hit and even sings the chorus for emphasis. This makes me laugh because a) it’s Wang Chung, and b) enthusiasm for this particular track is not what I expect to hear from a dedicated experimental musician who plays in a band more known for exploring the outer reaches of noise, drone, heavy metal, ambient, and avant-jazz than it is for new wave. At the same time, given its non-adherence to convention, and its knack for successfully blend seemingly incongruous elements together, if Locrian announced its next project was a collection of dance covers not only would I not be surprised, but I’d be eager to hear it too.

Foisy (guitars, Arp Avatar, electronics) co-founded Locrian with Terrence Hannum (vocals, synthesizers, piano, organ, Mellotron, and tapes) in 2005. Despite periodic collaborations with other musicians, the band remained a two-piece until recruiting Hess, an accomplished drummer who also performs with Haptic and Pan American, among others, just before recording its third studio album The Crystal World (Utech, 2010).

Each band mate has his hands full juggling musical projects, work, relationships, and in Foisy’s case, managing extreme music label Land of Decay, but as a group, they are especially prolific. In just over six years, Locrian has produced upwards of twenty releases that encompass varying musical textures, moods, and instrumentation, and are often delivered in limited editions or multiple formats.

Hannum relocated to Baltimore in 2011, a move which might seem disruptive to an outsider but which hasn’t slowed Locrian down a bit. Since the summer of 2011, the band has released three albums including New Dominions (Utech), an evocative split LP with psyche/drone metalist Horseback, a critically-acclaimed, genre-defying fourth full-length, The Clearing (Fan Death), and Bless Them That Curse You (Profound Lore/Utech/Sige/Land of Decay), a sparse, graceful collaboration with fellow experimentalists Mamiffer (Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner).

What’s more, Foisy and Hess tell me over pints of exotic beers (Hannum, being across the country, was unable to join us), they’ve just been signed to Relapse Records and plan to record their next full length later this year. Relapse will also re-release The Clearing on CD and packaged with a bonus disc as The Clearing/The Final Epoch. Cheers to you, Locrian! Our interview follows."

Thursday, March 22, 2012

LOCRIAN: Sign To Relapse Records

Here's an announcement from Relapse. What do you think about this?


Relapse Records is extremely proud to announce the signing of experimental, dark ambient / noise trio LOCRIAN. LOCRIAN formed in late 2005 and consist of André Foisy (Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Arp Avatar, Electronics), Terence Hannum (Vocals, Synthesizers, Piano, Organ, Mellotron and Tapes) and Steven Hess (Drums, Electronics). The group, located in Chicago, IL and Baltimore, MD has released over 20 recordings on an eclectic array of labels in their relatively short but prolific career, including a recent split with label-mates HORSEBACK.

LOCRIAN plan to enter the studio later this year for their full-length Relapse debut. Furthermore, this summer Relapse will reissue the group’s most recent vinyl only release The Clearing as a 2CD/Digital deluxe album with a bonus disc re-titled as The Clearing/The Final Epoch. More details on the reissue and the new album will be available shortly.

André Foisy commented on the new collaboration with Relapse:

"It's really an honor to be working with one of the labels that we grew up with and a label that's put out such a wide variety of material that we love. We plan to record our full-length album for Relapse later this year with Greg Norman at Electrical Audio in Chicago."

P.S. Be sure to pre-order the new Horseback album from them. It's sure to be awesome!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chicago Reader on Kwaidan Show 3/26/2012

Link here.

Kwaidan, Winters in Osaka, Trevor de Brauw, Dead Dragon Mountain
When: Mon., March 26, 9:30 p.m.

In their own projects, drummer Mike Weis (Zelienople), guitarist Andre Foisy (Locrian), and synth player Neil Jendon explore long tones, drones, and textures, so it's hardly a shock that as the local trio Kwaidan they'd twist those same elements into yet another exquisite permutation. Their new self-titled cassette for Accidental Guest Recordings—recorded live at their first show, in December at Impala Gallery—is a single totally improvised 37-minute piece. Weis ebbs and flows, riding an insistent two-hit kick-drum figure and working over his cymbals and other metal objects to create hovering sizzles, terse pings, and resonant scrapes; Foisy's output is sometimes recognizable as a guitar, especially when he plays moaning figures that recall Loren Mazzacane Connors, but often his effects-heavy washes could be coming from just about anything that plugs in. Jendon's hypnotic drones can also be mystifying as to their source—he's a guitarist too, and at first I thought he'd appeared in that role here. He makes chameleonic noises with his homemade synthesizer, which at times blend into the shimmering of Weis's cymbals and at others mesh with Foisy's shape-shifting guitar. —Peter Margasak Winters in Osaka, Pelican guitarist Trevor de Brauw, and Dead Dragon Mountain open.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gossip Wolf on Kwaidan Release and Show

You can find out information about the show here.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Transmissions V

Italians! Go see Steven Hess play w/ Pan American. More information here.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Re: Ordering - New FAQ Page

We now have a Frequently Asked Questions page on our bigcartel site. Check it out!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

LOD Update

So we will have four new tapes available next week. We promise!

I just got the covers for these so they are finished.

More news on these soon!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A few last copies of the 2xLP at Utech Records.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Magnet Magazine: What Record Are You Most Looking Forward to Next Week


Interesting selection of artist? Why are we there???

Rock-a-Rolla Feature on Locrian

This is in the new issue of Rock-a-rolla. This is one of the best print magazines around and you should subscribe to them.

Make sure that you "Like" them on Facebook here too!

Release Update

Land of Decay, Sige Records, and Utech are all out of the 2xLPs of the Locrian & Mamiffer album.

The tapes are selling quickly so act fast if you want one of those.

If you would like the 2xLP, then you can get some from Thrill Jockey.

Apparently Brave Mysteries is almost out of the Eolomea tapes as well. I recommend that you pick up a copy from them rather than waiting for the Land of Decay shop to get any since almost all of my copies of that are spoken for already.

Thanks to everyone for your orders. I know that Keith Utech and I have been slavishly packing up orders every day.

The workers at the post office hate me more than ever!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

André Foisy's Mixtape for Cvltnation.com

Check it out here.

Some of this stuff will be released soon on Land of Decay.

Sige Records Sold Out (at least temporarily) of the Locrian & Mamiffer 2xLP

We have a few more copies in the Land of Decay shop.