Friday, January 13, 2012

KFJC Broadcast of Utech Records Fest 2xCD

You can order a 2xCD of the KFJC broadcast of the Utech Records Festival now. There's some great stuff on there and here's what's on the release:

Ithi "Go Forth and Die"
RM74 "Followed by a Swirling Cloud of Smoke"
Ural Umbo "Telescoped"
William Fowler Collins "Walk Calmly in the Outer Darkness"
Gog "Labyrinth in Perfect Black"
James Plotkin/Jon Mueller TBA

House of Low Culture "Perverted Scripture"
Mamiffer "Cloey/DeadSettlers"
Locrian "The Crystal World" "Elevations and Depths"
Horseback "The Invisible Mountain"

Keith Utech, Aaron Turner and Viral Graphics did the artwork and it looks really amazing. All of the sets at the fest were amazing so you'll definitely want to pick this up.

Order here and support a great radio station.